Phillip W. Moore

Phillip W. Moore

Full Stack Developer, Network/IT Engineer, AI Researcher, Cyber Security and Forensics Researcher

3272 Richardson Place Rd., Arnold, Missouri, US, 63010
(636) 375-9684




I work on older and newer technologies across multiple platforms, browsers, programming languages. I have a degree in Computer Engineering with emphasis in Computational Intelligence. I have publications i Evolvable Hardware and Computational Intelligence. I have a passion for continuously learning & perfecting new things. I am also interested in cyber security and forensics. I attend/watch security conferences and have a home computer lab to help extend my security knowledge. I help development in online open source projects. I work on multiple side projects (I am bartering my IT skills with a Dentist Office for free dentistry, I help work on side projects with Real Estate Companies and other small businesses. I bartered web site development with https://www.theeyebar.com for discounted glasses. Worked on a side project for The Eye Bar to utilize web cams to measure online customers' pupil distance.)

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Full Stack DeveloperSMMJ Legal Auditing

    May, 2006 - Present

    Worked in multiple technologies across multiple projects on cross-browser web application design and development. Created Windows software applications. Developed database layers for Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL databases. Worked on networking, monitoring, and security. Developed small scripts and programs to automate tasks. Created project technical specifications and design specifications. Created interactive charts anddashboards. Created custom report interface for designing and running reports. Worked with assisting customer service team. Ran through morning checklists to monitor systems, email, backups, networking & hardware. Maintained old web applications and software applications. Worked on upgrading/updating software/applications/servers/workstations. Troubleshoot issues with databases, servers, networks, applications. Created custom Excel documents for statistical analysis, pivot tables, and charting. Convert servers from physical to virtual. Published software/web applictions to the cloud.

    • Front-End/Back-End software development of an Auditing application with custom built software controls.

    • Front-End/Back-End web development of Compliance auditing applications for firms and clients.

    • E-Billing Dashcard/Charting/Reporting web application Front-End/Back-End design. Highly configurable charts and reports with exporting to Excel/PDF/etc.

    • Development work on Back-End Data Layers between database and application. DotNet Remoting, Genuine Channels, Windows Communication Foundation, Class Library Data Layer for use inside specific applications.

    • Created new controls for external company and open source libraries (Sencha/ExtJS/Telerik/DevExpress/MahApps).

    • Setup security monitoring server and some minimal security procedures for the company. Kept servers/workstations/applications/hardware/operating systems up to date.

    • Worked on improving speed in web applications and software applications.

    • Developed patent-pending software for a technology called 'DashCards'.

    • One of my best skills is picking up on new technologies and troubleshooting issues.

  • IT and Network AdministratorJefferson County Dental Group

    Jan, 2015 - Present

    Worked on networking workstations, servers, printers. Worked on backups and maintenance. Helped expand offices. Helped with computer, printer, and hardware issues.

    • Exchange services for free dental work.

    • Work on Dentist's/Owner's personal home computers and arcade machine.

  • Foreign Exchange Trader and Software Developer, STL Forex

    Apr, 2009 - Apr, 20123 years

    Exchange software design for FOREX Movement training classes. First round course prices are $7,500.

  • Web Developer & Expert Analyst, UConnectMedia

    Jun, 2008 - Jun, 20091 year

    Website construction/rebuilding, maintenance, and personal consultation.

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • UI/UX Design

    • PHP/MySQL/AJAX/Javascript

    • Website Design and Automation

  • Evolvable Hardware ResearcherReal-Time Power & Intelligent Systems Laboratory (RTPIS)

    Jun, 2003 - Jun, 20074 years

    I performed research in Evolvable Hardware using Computational Intelligence. I specialized in Artificial Neural Networks, Particle Swarm Optimization, Quantum Evolution, Differential Evolution, Genetic & Evolutionary Algorithms. I also create new hybrid algorithms.

    • Published conference paper and attended a conference in Washington D.C. for the 2005 NASA/DoD Conference of Evolutionary Hardware

    • Published journal paper for the International Journal of Neural Systems

    • Published a paper in the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

    • Researched as an undergraduate student in a research lab filled with graduate students

    • Researched in optimizing combination logic circuit design

    • Worked on a Super Computer at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Our research group obtained NSF funding for our projects

    • Was 1 of 50 researchers in the world working in the field of Evolvable Hardware

    • Worked on evolving FPGA circuits that would reprogram their logic gates, positions, and connections to maintain feasible circuits, decrease power consumption, and reprogram for damaged circuit parts

    • Research was part of a bigger project for NASA to design evolvable satellites to reconfigure and start working again when nuclear space particles would destroy circuit parts. This would save money for NASA to decrease expensive missions to space to fix and replace satellites.



  • Research/Artificial Intelligence/Evolvable Hardware
    Evolvable HardwareProgrammable Logic Controllers (PLC's)Human-Machine Interface (HMI)Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)Self Organizing Maps (SOM)Micro ControllersGenetic Algorithms (GA)Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)Fuzzy LogicAnt Colony Optimization (ACO)Differential Evolution (DE)Generalized Disjunction Decomposition (GDD)Quantum Evolution Algorithm (QEA)
  • Web Development
    SilverlightReactJSSASSASPPHPJSPRuby on RailsJSX & Jade LayoutsLESSBootstrapNodeJSAJAXExpress 5HTML5D3.jsCSS3XHTMLXMLMeteorMVCTypeScriptKnockoutJSCoffeeScriptREST APIs
  • Software Development
    MVPMVCCSharpMVVMJavaMahAppsInversion of ControlsDependency InjectionPrismUnitySilverlightTelerikMEFXAMLWCFWindows FormsWPFSybaseDotNet RemotingPowerBuilderGenuine ChannelsMatlab
  • Virtualization
    Oracle VMCitrix XenServerMicrosoft AzureAmazon Web Services EC2Oracle Virtual BoxVMWare PlayerGlacierOracle VM ManagerDigitalOcean
  • Scripting
  • Database
  • Security
    AlienVaultMetasploit FrameworkSQL InjectionnmapkismetCryptographynetdiscoverwifiteKasperskySoapUIEncryptionOpenVASmacchangerArmitageRedlineWiresharkKali LinuxEttercapNemiverOWASP ZapSkipfishbackdoor-frameworkWindows EMETGlasswireFIDO - Fully Integrated Defense OperationPaterva MaltegoXArpWinMTRSQLMappowersploitXSSBurp SuiteBeef XSS FrameworkJohn the RipperproxychainsPowerForensicsEvilFOCAhashcatGDBbinwalkp0faircrack-ngzenmapBitDefender Anti-RansomwareFOCAOWASP Report GeneratorMetasploitable


  • Computer Engineering, Bachelor, University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR/MST)

    Aug, 2003 - Jun, 2007

  • Computer Engineering, Bachelor, Jefferson College

    Aug, 2001 - Jun, 2003



  • Evolving Combinational Logic Circuits Using a Hybrid Quantum Evolution and Particle Swarm Inspired Algorithm , NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware

    Published on: Jan 01, 2005

    New algorithm created that was inspired from quantum evolution and particle swarm optimization (QEPSO). The new algorithm is tested against the creation of feasible combinational logic circuits with minimal gates. The algorithm is compared against other particle swarm algorithms, genetic algorims, and other evolutionary algorithms.

  • Evolving Digital Circuits Using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution , International Journal of Neural Systems

    Published on: Jan 01, 2006

    Research in the evolution of combinational logic circuits with a new hybrid algorithm known as the Differential Evolution Particle Swarm Optimization (DEPSO). The particle swarm (PSO) algorithm is represented by a 3-integer approach. A hybrid, multi-objective fitness function is coined to achieve two goals. The first is to evolve combinational logic circuits with 100% functionality. The second is to minimize the number of logic gates needed to realize the feasible circuits. Comparisons of the algorithm is made to conventional Karnaugh map and evolvable hardware techniques such as genetic algorithms, modified particle swarm (MPSO), and differential evolution.

  • Emprical Study of an Unconstrained Modified Particle Swarm Optimization , IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

    Published on: Jan 01, 2006

    An unconstrained modified particle swarm optimization (UMPSO) algorithm is introduced and studied empirically. Four well-known benchmark functions, with asymmetric intial position values, are used as testing functions for the UMPSO algorithm. The UMPSO differs from the canonical PSO in which the velocity and position parameters areunconstrained, an additional strategic component is added, and the social component term has been modified. The UMPSO is compared to multiple other PSO algorithms to show that UMPSO with no maximum/minimum velocity and position performs better for the Sphere, Rosenbrock, Rastrigrin, and Griewank benchmark functions.



  • Web/Software/Phone/Game Devopment

    UnityCSharpAndroid StudioVisual StudioWindows PhoneAndroid PhoneReactPHP-Hack for HHVM
  • Cyber Security and Forensics

    Security PodcastsShowMeConRed Team Purple TeamXenServerDefconKali Linux SanaSocial EngineeringBlackhatXSSHeartbleedCacheBleedBadlockHak5DDOSMetasploit MinuteTenable Network SecurityThreatPostTroy HuntIPv6LogJamCapture the Flag (CTF)BEAST@SwiftOnSecurityDNSCryptHome Computer/Malware LabCrime AttackWindows AppLockerPOODLEShellshockRansomewareFingerprinting & Thumbprinting servers/browsers/anti-virusesSecurityNowSophos SecurityBlue TeamCybraryPentester AcademyWindows WMI/WBEM protocolsAlienVaultOWASPOperational SecurityCommand InjectionLock-PickingFREAK AttackTrendLabsHTTP Public Key PinningPenetration TestingSQL InjectionSANS Internet Information Security TrainingDrown AttackInformational SecuritySouthern Fried SecurityTrustedSecPaul's Security WeeklyBrakeing Down SecuritySecurityWatchHack NakedKrebs on SecurityGoogle Online Security Blog
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  • Carl Armbruster

    Phillip and I worked on several advanced JavaScript classes for performing AJAX calls to JSP and Oracle servers; draggable, popup form; context menu; and debugging classes. Phill is a highly skilled developer with a keen eye for detail and an ability to debug complex, multi-tiered applications. Phill is able to quickly come up to speed with new languages and new technologies and takes on challenging assignements as opportunities to expand his knowledge and gain experience in new fields.